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Cow Face Colourful Painting Glass Wall Art

Cow Face Colourful Painting Glass Wall Art

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Cow Face Colourful Painting Glass Wall Art by CreoGlass® will meet all your expectations as a stunning and elegant decorative product for years to come!

STRENGTH – 4 mm thick, light-weight, ten times more resistant compared to standard glass, uniquely tempered glass with smooth edges
HYGIENE – High glossy surface is easy to clean at any time without taking it off your wall
DESIGN – Hundreds of different formats, high print quality and glass elegance all together
PACKAGING – sent with a specially designed protected packaging to reduce environmental impact and weight
INSTALLATION – Super simple and easy installation

Our tempered glass is ten times more resistant to breakage compared to a standard glass of 4 mm thickness.

Our Wall Art is first-class glass with tempered edges - a unique technique that results in super high glass resistance. 

-CreoGlass® is exceptionally resistant to breakage due to the unique tempering process and is sent with a special protected package.

- Despite all this, if your glass table is broken during shipping, we send a new one unconditionally and free of charge to your address. 

-CreoGlass® Wall Art is UV printed directly onto the back of glass using unique nanotechnology. It is not glued wallpaper or vinyl media to the glass! 

-Thanks to the mounting bracket specially designed by our company, there is no possibility of your painting falling off the wall by accident. 

– With this stylish product, which is extremely simple to mount on the wall, different innovative interior decoration solutions are offered.

Package Included:

-1 Glass Panel

-1 Piece Mounting Tool (2 pieces in 1100×700 size option)

-Special assembly ruler for easy assembly only on products measuring 1100×700

* There are no screws and dowels in the package. (Use screws and dowels suitable for the mounting surface.)

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