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Beach Hat Style Glass Chopping Board and Worktop Saver

Beach Hat Style Glass Chopping Board and Worktop Saver

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HYGIENIC: Glass Chopping Board and Worktop Saver. Does not harvest bacterias thanks to the glass surface

DURABLE: 4 mm, first-class flat glass with tempered edges that is 10 times more resistant to breakage than normal glasses.

DECORATIVE: Opportunity to find the most suitable one for your kitchen among hundreds of options

EASY TO CLEAN: Dishwasher safe

SIZE: 350mm x 250mm x 4mm

Your hygienic assistant while cooking, CreoGlass® UV printed glass cutting table is prepared with the world's best UV printing machine by digital printing on the back surface of tempered, milled 1st class 4mm thick glass.

Get rid of the pathogen nest wooden cutting boards! 

CreoGlass® cutting tables do not allow bacteria to accumulate on the surface and scratch ordinary wooden cutting boards. Due to its natural glass surface, it provides a 100% hygienic environment while preparing your meals.

Product sizes :

35×25 cm

Package Included:

1 Piece 35×25 cm Glass Cutting Tray
4 non-slip feet

Change the atmosphere of your kitchen!

Add visuality to your kitchen with CreoGlass® cutting tables decorated with beautiful visuals.

Practical cleaning

CreoGlass® UV-printed glass cutting tables can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher.

Very durable and safe

Glass cutting tables show high resistance against surface breakage due to the use of tempered glass.
The edges are ground and can be transported safely and easily.

Why You Should Use a Glass Cutting Board

Cutting tables are useful tools and a must-have in everyone's kitchen. There are several types of cutting boards – most of the popular ones are wood, plastic, bamboo, stone, etc. made of materials.

Although there are different types of cutting tables, the cutting tables that stand out thanks to their many features are glass cutting tables.

Features of Glass Cutting Boards

Glass is an excellent material for a cutting table. Most glass cutting tables are made of tempered glass; light, thin and easy to store. They have hard and non-porous surfaces.

These types of cutting tables are beautiful, elegant and stylish. Glass cutting tables are subjected to thermal shock treatment; they are also resistant to cracks, chips, and stains. They also tend to be slippery; To solve this problem, some have rubber mounts on the arms or bottom.

Grades of Glass Cutting Boards

Glass cutting boards are made in a variety of shapes, sizes and thicknesses. Their surfaces may also have varying smoothness, texture, and roughness.

There is a wide variety of options to choose from when considering buying a sheet of glass, simple or tempered, thick or thin, smooth or rough, cheap or expensive. It all depends on your preferences.

The glass sheets can be simply transparent, but various colourful patterns can be placed underneath them which will make them look amazing.

Care and Protection

Taking care of your cutting boards will greatly increase their useful life.

Glass cutting boards are easy to maintain. You don't need to rub them with mineral oils or even clean them with baking soda. All you need is soap and water to wash and then dry. This way you take good care of your cutting table.

Taking care of your glass cutting table will help you solve the problem of contamination and microbial growth.

Glass sheets have gained popularity over time; There must be some qualities and characteristics that make them suitable for humans.

Advantages of Glass Cutting Tables

They are hygienic:

Glass cutting trays have a non-porous surface, meaning no residue of cut food remains after cleaning. The non-porous surface also inhibits the growth of bacteria that can grow in the cracks or pores of other cutting tables.

It is easy to clean:

Glass cutting tables can be easily cleaned with soap and water. They do not need to be cleaned with harsh chemicals. Glass cutting trays can also be washed in the dishwasher.


Glass cutting tables have an aesthetic and elegant stance. Glass cutting tables can also be used for food presentation.

Odourless and rustproof:

Glass cutting trays prevent the formation of bacteria and do not absorb the juices of the food. Therefore, they do not smell or leave permanent stains on their surfaces.

They are durable:

Glass cutting tables are durable. Like other materials, their surfaces do not wear out, like wooden cutting tables, they do not crack or break over time.


Glass cutting tables that you can use for many years are more economical for you than all other options.

They require very little maintenance:

Glass cutting tables require very little maintenance. Unlike other types of cutting pads, you don't need a special routine to make them last longer.

It is easy to hide:

Glass cutting boards are easy to store because they are thin and light. In addition, thanks to its aesthetic appearance, you can never remove it from the kitchen counter if you wish.

We wish you pleasant shopping.

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